About the LFFA

     The Leicester Firefighters Association was established in 1983 by the members of the Leicester Fire Department. It was originally called the “Leicester Brotherhood of Firefighters”. The Association is the bargaining agent between firefighters and the Town of Leicester and also acts as a voice for the firefighters.  It is our duty to promote and help enhance our very affordable and extremely effective, 24/7 all on-call service.

        In 2011, the Leicester Fire Department will be celebrating its 200th Anniversary.  In the beginning, the fire department consisted of stations located in many of the town’s villages. Today, three of those fire companies still exist. They are located in Leicester Center, Rochdale, and Cherry Valley.  The fire department consists of approximately 54 Firefighters including Captains and Lieutenants, a number of auxiliaries (recruits) and four chiefs. Having adequate personnel and a station in each of the town’s villages, is the reason why the fire department has maintained its excellent response times to emergencies.  

    Leicester Firefighters are highly trained individuals, all up and coming firefighters are trained to the National Standard of Firefighter 1 and 2. Many firefighters have continued their education by becoming Emergency Medical Technicians, Emergency Divers, Hazmat Technicians, Wildland Firefighters, Fire Instructors and some even receiving degrees in fire sciences. Leicester Firefighters keep their skills sharp and learn new techniques by attending weekly in house trainings. 

    In helping Leicester Firefighters maintain their physical fitness, the Association has purchased and maintains a work-out facility located in the Leicester Town Hall. The facility features a wide range of equipment from cardiovascular to abdominal work out machines. 

     The Association has recently purchased software and equipment that transmits emergency calls to our cell phones via text messages. This was needed because with the departments current pager system, it was possible to miss a call due to the type of building you were in, or your geographical location. The Association realized the importance of always being able to receive calls, so we stepped forward and funded the e-dispatch system, which makes it next to impossible for a firefighter to miss a call or notification, which in turn increases the level of protection for the residents of Leicester.   

    The Association also plays an active role throughout the community by sponsoring youth sports, and by participating with Leicester’s Teachers in our Secret Santa program, which supplies many local families that are in need with gifts for the holidays. 

    The Association has also been working diligently for the past decade with the fight to cure multiple sclerosis, by holding boot drives, fundraisers, and helping to sponsor members that take part in the annual MS Challenge Walk.  

    For many years now the Association has been working hard to build a relief fund. The Relief Funds purpose is to offer assistance to our members in cases of hardship, such as an illness or an accident. For the past ten years, the Association has been holding an annual Firefighter vs. Patriots basketball game, with proceeds going towards this fund.

   Thank you very much for visiting the Leicester Firefighters Association’s website. If you have any questions or comments, please feel free to email us at  LeicesterFFA@aol.com. Also if you click on the Donations Page you can make a donation to MS Fund, Relief Fund or the Secret Santa Program.



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